Jun 02, 2021AmanPC rated this title 4.5 out of 5 stars
Animal Farm by George Orwell is an interesting novel for teens to read. The main part that makes this book interesting is the animals and the choices that they make. The pigs represented the leaders of the “communist” society, while the horses were the workers and the sheep were the peasants. The main character of this book, a pig named Napoleon, takes advantage of the power that was given to him, and uses it to become a tyrant. As in this book, Napoleon pushed his limits as far as the humans before him did, and eventually became no different than a human. Also, the animals didn’t even realize this. They have interesting reactions to what Napoleon does, but they never actually doubt him. The “communist” government took power over the people without them even realizing it! Due to the interesting plot line and the characters, I would recommend this book to any teen and adults who are interested in seeing how one person can take control of everything if people are not careful.