Apr 28, 2021MoonBeamz11 rated this title 1 out of 5 stars
How many people, in 2018, allowed a thin white woman to create a “magical negro”/ “mammy” trope character AND call her “LARGE MARGE”??!! I couldn’t pick my jaw up from the floor when she had the audacity to DESCRIBE HER HAIR at one point calling it “etch-a-sketch shavings GLUED TO HER HEAD” and constantly described her size and the furniture “groaning in complaint against her weight”. Disgusting. Do. BETTER. Additionally, the story has about 3 too many tragedies, it would have been more poignant, and drawn a stronger thematic metaphor between the characters and the terrain they inhabit if the book had ended after the “main event” you see coming the whole way. It also felt really regressive AND lazy to have forced, unplanned, trauma-born motherhood as a “redemption” plot. Booo. I loved the setting and imagining living there, but beyond that you can tell she’s a commercial novelist. Will NOT give her any support/money again. She needs to educate herself.