Mar 25, 2021red_alligator_6705 rated this title 5 out of 5 stars
I loved this book! I am lost in words right now. It was a very powerful book that taught me a lot of things about racism and police brutality. Since its 2021 and in the country we live in, I had to read this for school and it was a really great book to be able to discuss with a class and get different opinions and views on, there were a lot of heavy topics like police brutality, racism and even BLM. There could not have been a more perfect time to read. This book really explained our society when it comes to racism, gangs and crimes. It also talks about a lot of teenager problems like relationship problems and friend problems.As a teenager myself I felt like the things in this book were very relevant and taught me lots. I loved the overall message of the book as well. It teaches you that if you believe in something you need to use your voice and speak up! I loved this very inspiring book and would definitely recommend it. It will teach you a lot and open your eyes to things you may have never considered. I will definitely be reading the sequal "concrete rose"