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Gwendyline J Bittner made a comment Sep 15 2020
"I found this book dragged and I lost interest after awhile. Too much detail on trivial things and this book left me hungry more than anything else with all the descriptions of food Gia prepared and ate. After awhile I didn't care who killed who...." Permalink
Gwendyline J Bittner made a comment Jan 02 2020
"I found that this book tended to drag and then toward the end things speeded up. I did enjoy it but it could have been a little shorter. However there were some interesting descriptions about how some things were done then and of course the rich..." Permalink
Gwendyline J Bittner made a comment Nov 07 2019
"The plot didn't really make much sense to me. At the end, the reason for the extravagant crime spree wasn't really explained. The story seemed to drag and get a bit too confusing. I think the authors think that dragging the story out and being ..." Permalink
Gwendyline J Bittner made a comment May 18 2019
"James Pattersons books seem to be becoming more and more violent and brutal. I will likely not read the rest of this book for that reason. Why is it always women are being violated and tortured and brutalized. There is too much detailed descri..." Permalink
Gwendyline J Bittner liked a comment by
Mar 26 2019
"I was disappointed in this novel. I felt it needed editing. It dragged on and on . Didn't feel drawn to any of the main characters. The author threw in so many details on food and scenery almost like a filler. The conclusion was pretty preposte..." Permalink
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