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6675tap made a comment Oct 25 2018
"This book is another reminder that string theorists are kooks for whom reality is a irritating distraction." Permalink
6675tap made a comment Oct 22 2018
"This book is very helpful, but there are a few errors, probably introduced during editing and typesetting, of which the reader needs to be aware. For example, on p. 30 it reads that "if f'(t) represents the number of bacteria..., then f'(t) i..." Permalink
6675tap made a comment Aug 11 2018
"This book is written over the heads of our own day's fanatics, too, esp. those who bark "racist", "Islamophobe", "white privilege", and so forth "to make their wills appear harmless."" Permalink
6675tap rated a title May 19 2018
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Mar 22 2018
"Written and published in the wake of the Second World War, Ideas Have Consequences takes as its first premise, admirably summarized by the title forced upon Richard Weaver by his publisher, the claim that ideas have an existence independent of tho..." Permalink
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