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StefanW made a comment Aug 23 2019
"Harry potter is a good book and one of my favourites of all time. I read this book again in a different perspective and it was mind blowing. This book is really great and what it meant to me was that there are many other people in the world specia..." Permalink
StefanW made a comment Jul 12 2019


Video Game - 2019
"Terreria is one of the great games I own. This game is very similar to minecraft and I enjoy them both. In terreria the goal is to beat the bosses and just to have fun with friends. In Terreria there are a total of 7 bosses. Some of them are very ..." Permalink
StefanW created a list Aug 16 2018
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"Some of my favorite funny books, movies and games."
StefanW created a list Aug 14 2018
StefanW made a comment Aug 14 2018
"My name is Stefan. I have not read this book but I think it is probably really good. I think Messi is one of the best athletes and my favorite athlete for many reasons. My first reason is that he has very good control of the ball and can easily j..." Permalink
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