Blood and Beauty
Blood and Beauty The Borgias : A Novel By Dunant, Sarah Book - 2013

With more than 260 Popes in the 2000 year history of the Roman Catholic Church (RCC), there's bound to be a bad one now and then. And although corruption exists perpetually with the rich and famous, Pope Alexander VI (PAVI) was undoubtedly the most corrupt of all the popes.
Rodrigo Borgia, PAVI, was the father of three sons and a daughter during the late Middle Ages in Italy. Even though abstinence is not actually required in the RCC, he was still an adulterer, another commonplace ritual back then. I'm surprised that not every man in that time had syphillus.
This book is full of revenge and marriages for political and geographical gain, rarely for love.
Dunant did her homework (bibliography is included) before writing this book. It is a book of fiction, although there's much historical fact as well. I don't know the difference here. As a practicing Catholic, I probably shouldn't have read it, but I like Dunants' writing. Guess I'll go to confession.

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