Sixteen stories ranging from 8 - 72 pages. Story about love, story about war, repeat. Somehow he makes each story interesting and real even though the themes of love, death and leadership dominate. He seems to be an observant artist with his attention to detail. That or, he's actually experienced all the different events he describes.
Two favorite favorites; 'Monday', and 'Jacob Bayer and the Telephone'. 'Monday' seems to be a tribute to the survivors and victims of 911 and Helprin's contribution to that tragedy in the best way he knows - by writing an excellent story about it. 'Jacob Bayer . . .' is prophetic in that the devices of today will undoubtedly remove the beauty of our world and ruin relationships.
Mere words cannot describe the genius of this man. He is always courageous, always real. He is inimitable.

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