The film is good not just for its historical portrayals but the cinematography is stunning!

if you can watch this in high-def from a good source like blu-ray the visuals are absolutely sumptuous! The opening scenes are beautiful and captivating the way they are shot. You could pause the movie and just appreciate the art of every frame, in every scene. The attention to detail put into the production of this movie, started in 1959 and finished over 2 years later, is comparable, even superior to, many more modern films. There are no big special effects here; they made the scenes and they shot them on 65mm film. Very advanced for the time.

Restoration was also very well done, re-creating the original feel of the movie as much as possible, including the orchestral lead-in and intermission so it matches the original cut.

I had to watch this movie twice, it was so good. And geeked out on all the material included in the extras disk as well. This movie won a pile of awards for good reason. If you look thru the extras disk and see how difficult it was for the crew to create this piece of art, on location, it adds an extra dimension of appreciation. Even the sound track has been restored to excellent multi-channel format.

This is not a movie that's going to satisfy a shoot-em-up action fan unless they also like "beautifully shot" scenes done almost entirely in-camera.
This is 'big-screen' viewing entertainment!

Please handle the disks with care.
Even a tiny scratch that causes a skip or jump in playback will be disappointing.

Bilberry's rating:
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