Builds heavily on ideas of Arthur C. Clarke. I was certainly tired of Science Fiction set in a Universe which takes interstellar travel for granted; where the uninhabitable planets and objects of the solar system are largely ignored in favor of already habitable planets thousands of light years distant.
The people of this future are clueless about how to overcome the "Light Barrier" for them the Star Trek dream isn't happening and the author is rather glib that speed much over the 2% speed of light they are capable of can ever be achieved.
So they have devoted themselves to terraforming the solar system on a grand scale.

The author seems to be determined to tell us that personal gender selection including being able to have sex organs of both sexes and to be both a mother and father is not only available but common. The main protagonist Swan has a woman's body to which have been added small male genitalia her lover the other main protagonist looks like a man and also has sexual organs of both sexes. The author insists on graphicly describing how they have sex both using both sets of genitalia at the same time.

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