If you are hoping to educate yourself on the pros and cons of vaccination, this is not a tome you should bother with.
This is a pro-vax editorial funded by AHS and The Trudeau Foundation, the latter of which Mr. Caulfield resides in as a fellow. This work appears to have been shared with friends and family of Mr. Caulfield.

Tim Caulfield is an openly pro-vax type. Thing is, he is not a medical professional, he's an academic lawyer. This guy is often considered as some sort of expert on vaccines when he is not. His area is health policy and, frankly, I'd prefer someone more knowledgeable about clinical medicine and actual biological sciences be in such a position.

This book does not delve into any details, pro or con, on the topic. It is filled with great topical art but has very little actual print in it. The data he cites to support his view is not up to current understanding in some areas but he is mostly correct on aspects of how people think about conspiracy theories.

I do not recommend this book.
However, if you do pick it up, it will only take a few minutes to read.

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