This is the third and final volume of Eller’s fine ongoing biography of writer Ray Bradbury. Eller is the Director of the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies at IUPUI here in Indianapolis.

In this installment, Eller examines Bradbury’s later years (1971-2012), when he was doing little original fiction writing. Bradbury was spending most of his creative effort on screenplays of his longer fiction, turning his short stories into episodes of the television series *Ray Bradbury Theatre* or live theatrical plays, and writing poetry. With the assistance of his editors, he did finally finish up a number of book collections and story cycles that had been in the works for decades. However, he may have spent the greatest amount of energy on public appearances, especially in support of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program and in constant promotion of a Mars exploration program.

Bradbury had a long life of accomplishment and was friends with some of the most fascinating people in the realms of film and literature. The Center for Ray Bradbury Studies was the recipient of Ray Bradbury’s personal files and his entire home office, as well as the recipient of the files of Donn Albright, Bradbury’s longtime close friend, bibliographer, and sometimes editor and agent. In addition, Eller himself was a good friend of Bradbury and his family for many years and was able to talk with and interview Bradbury for “countless hours”.

Eller has provided us with a truly fascinating look at a writer’s life that was as varied as anyone could imagine having.

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