The Stars Are Legion

The Stars Are Legion

Book - 2017
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A Kirkus Reviews Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Selection of 2017

"[A] thought-provoking space opera." -- Kirkus Reviews

"One of the most unusual and powerfully disturbing space operas we're likely to see this year." -- Chicago Tribune

Set within a system of decaying world-ships travelling through deep space, this breakout novel of epic science fiction follows a pair of sisters who must wrest control of their war-torn legion of worlds--and may have to destroy everything they know in order to survive.

Somewhere on the outer rim of the universe, a mass of decaying world-ships known as the Legion is traveling in the seams between the stars. Here in the darkness, a war for control of the Legion has been waged for generations, with no clear resolution.

Zan wakes with no memory, prisoner of a people who say there are her family. She is told she is their salvation, the only person capable of boarding the Mokshi , a world-ship with the power to leave the Legion. But Zan's new family is not the only one desperate to gain control of the prized ship. Zan finds that she must choose sides in a genocidal campaign that will take her from the edges of the Legion's gravity well to the very belly of the world.

In the tradition of Iain M. Banks's Culture novels and Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber , Kameron Hurley has created an epic and thrilling tale about tragic love, revenge, and war as imagined by one of our most celebrated new writers.
Publisher: New York : Saga Press, c2017
ISBN: 9781481447935
Branch Call Number: SF HUR
Characteristics: 380 p. ;,24 cm


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Feb 15, 2021

The worldbuilding was really interesting, but found the story overall kind of meh. My major criticism is with the character behavior. Without giving anything away, the character decisions that created the whole drive of the story were so dumb that I lost any sympathy or interest in the characters, and pretty much just finished it to finish it. As far as sci-fi/fantasy LGBT goes, it wasn't the worst I've read, but it didn't scratch the itch for a good book I can identify with either.

If you're willing to deal with mediocre characters/story for the sake of having an LGBT novel to read, this one will work fine. If you're more into worldbuilding, I do recommend this - it takes a little while to figure out how exactly the world works but once you do that part is really cool.

Jan 29, 2021

Ghettostone Publications editor/chief Michael R. Brown and the "BEST SELLERS BOOK CLUB review of "The Stars Are Legion", a science fiction thriller set in the future were home planets are not stable in the solar systems but are unleashed into the void of the universe.
Travelling worlds that host many civilizations that compete for resources among their individual planets and between planet members of clusters worlds. What a concept for a book. A great use of an imagination, interplanetary knowledge, and futuristic sciences that are not even imagined. I love this story for the writing descriptions, it's great interactive dialogue between alien inhabitance and the vast unusual characteristics and powerful attributes of those individuals who the story is about. I am still amazed by the creativity it takes to write a novel like this. As a comic book storyteller myself, I know first hand how difficult it is to create an entire story featuring well know characters into action adventure stories that would capture the imagination of my readers. So my hat is off to author Kameron Hurley for his excellent work on "STARS ARE LEGION".... No spoilers, sorry this report is down and dirty. You'll just need to read for yourself.

Thank you for following along this note. (As always we follow JUSTIN...)

The entire BEST SELLERS BOOK CLUB support and recommends this book to all book lovers!
Michael R Brown, Editor/Chief
Ghettostone Publications Company

Mar 06, 2019

Interesting world building, not giving away too much information as to how it evolved, some interesting hints, though. Things moved a bit too quickly without explanation, but providing glimpses inside the ship(s). Left room for more explanation, a bit thin....

leechbabe Feb 25, 2019

I really enjoyed this book. The world building in "The stars are legion" is SO different to anything I've encountered before, I'm used to earth like / M class planets, in scifi. It is a sort of world building shorthand, helping me to understand the universe the story is set in without too much thought. Hurley has created a universe that is so alien it took me a good half of the book to wrap my head around it. I'd love to see more stories set in this universe and find out what happens to Zan and the Mokshi.

Sep 26, 2018

Did you want men in this novel? If so, jet away! There's no men to be found here, only women. Women who are brutal, power-hungry, and motivated by love, lust, honor, greed, and the desire to conquer worlds. It was slow to start for me, but as soon as Zan got dropped into the depths of the world, I was hooked. It's weird, fascinating, and an immersive adventure.

Jul 23, 2018

Really enjoyed this book. Original SF is always welcome. An original basis for a space opera is tough to do. In regards to the other reviewer who said the Red Rising Trilogy was better: though I can see their point (in that it was better written and flowed better), the stars are legion was a very creative and original theme (especially the second half of the book).

Feb 03, 2018

A story about nothing that goes nowhere! Big disappointment for me having just finished a space opera trilogy by pierce brown called red rising, golden sun and morning star. In comparison, this book lacks any interesting characters. Can’t even recommended for the YA readers.Surprised it even got published it’s so bad.

Sep 24, 2017

I myself love sci-fi. Aside from Stephen King its all I read. I had trouble giving it three and a half stars because its probably more like four. I just don't think I was into the setting and concept of the book as much as other sci-fi lovers would be. Was it worth reading? Oh yes.

SCL_Justin Aug 10, 2017

Kameron Hurley's The Stars Are Legion was just as gooey and intricate a space opera as I’d hoped.

Legion is a group of biological worldships surrounding an artifical sun. There are many layers to these worldships and ruling dynasties for each one. Zan is a soldier who begins the novel being put back together after an attack on a neighbouring world. She has no memory, but a strong attraction to Jayd who tells her that everything is tense but fine. Even the half-memory Zan has of murdering a baby is part of the plan, apparently.

And hoo boy are there plans in this story. Because Zan has no memory she’s piecing together what it’s all about along with the reader (in among the spray-on space-suits and fighter attack runs mounted on spacefaring slugbeasts). After a few chapters we also start following Jayd, who’s working on some crazy manipulative scheme against the ruler of their own worldship. She tells Zan she’s in on the plan but Zan doesn’t remember it and might fuck it all up. Other people have guesses about the plans but they’re keeping Zan in the dark to use her as a weapon (’cause Zan is a brutally effective soldier).

Then as the schemes are unfolding, boom boom boom Zan is killed (in a sudden but inevitable betrayal) and her body is recycled. Spoiler alert: Zan isn’t actually dead and then begins the quest up from the centre of the world back to the surface where all the political machinations we’re just getting used to are happening. This is where I really loved the book because it takes the simple set-up and then shows how big a world is and how surface-based civil wars are kind of just the equivalent of White House cabinet shuffles to get ignored by the people who don’t live that life. It takes it a bit more towards a fantasy-novel quest narrative as Zan comes closer to reclaiming her memories, but by the end we do get back to the worldships hurtling through space, don’t worry.

I tried to explain this book while I was in the middle of it and it was difficult; I got immersed in the details of womb-swapping and blood-drinking bonding rituals and cephalopod guns and not knowing exactly where it was going made it hard to see the big picture. Once you’re done though, it works really well, and what appeared to be chaotic was merely complex.

If you like big scifi stories and can handle technology being mostly biological (which does make for a lot of mucous throughout) I heartily recommend The Stars are Legion.

May 20, 2017

Amazing... strange... bizarre... horrifying... wonderful. The use of a character with amnesia can go horribly real easily. But in a truly bat shit crazy world having one character that doesn't view the world she lives in as normal works out really well.

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