Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey

Downloadable Audiobook - 2012
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May 11, 2019

I just recently read this book. It's disturbing, however, people like this do exist. I hope I never meet one.

Apr 22, 2019

I took this book out just to see what all the hub bub was about and didnt get an answer. I made it 3/4 of the way through and put er down. Long boring dialogue and monotone characters. Im really not clear how this is the best selling paperback of all time.

Mar 21, 2019

Fifty shades of grey are a series consisting of 3 erotic romantic movies based off of the fifty shade novels. I did not enjoy this book at all. I think the main character of this novel, Anna, was so badly done. She didn’t send any good messages at all, she was insecure, weak and could easily be taken advantage of and sure enough she was. Christian Grey was such a cringe character he also sent no good messages throughout, he mistreated woman and was just an overall awful person. Yeah, he might have had his own private jet but who really cares when he’s got that many mommy issues. Overall a terrible book and would not recommend watching it. 2/5 stars @EffyStonem of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board.

I honestly thought Twilight was quite possibly the worst pile of steaming garbage on this planet- then I remembered this book exists. I feel books like these will keep being created until we young adult get better tastes in literature. Just like in Twilight, the ‘heroine’, Anastasia Steele is a klutzy naïve mess of a character. In fact, she’s so naïve and ‘innocent’ that in one scene she actually puts her hair up in pigtails- hoping that would keep her safe from any sexual advances of her love interest. Yes. She actually does that (please keep in mind she is an ADULT.) And don’t even get me started on her love interest. He’s some rich alpha male entrepreneur who’s ego is bigger than his brain. But don’t worry, it just so happens to be hot so it’s all fine! That totally justifies his behavior and attitude. To roughly put it, this book is basically what happens when erotica meets YA. It’s just terrible, I don’t recommend it to anyone. 1/5 Stars. @Bloop of the Hamilton Public Library Teen Review Board

Feb 24, 2019

I dont know if I am more embarrassed to have read this or that I liked it

Dec 16, 2018

Got the audio book for a road trip...I couldn't get past the second chapter...and that was a struggle in itself. Predictable, cheaply written, painfully tedious dialogue. Terrible. I never saw the movie nor read the book and I never will. This is a "toilet" in a read at the outhouse.

Dec 14, 2018

This will be a short review because frankly I didn't finish this book. I couldn't. The Ghosts of English Professors Past would not let me. The grammar, the cobbled together sentence fragments, the dialogue- ugh! I'm getting a rash just thinking about it.
I picked up the book to see what all the fuss was about. I've read erotica before. It's a fun, escapist genre. I was happy to see a book about the BDSM lifestyle become so popular, if only because it may have signaled our society's liberation from prudishness. Sex-positivity, body- positivity, open and honest communication around our love lives: all good things in my book. Boy was I wrong!
This book is not romantic. These characters are not interesting. This relationship is not healthy. The sexy scenes aren't even sexy! If I could give this book no stars, I would.
How did this ever, ever, ever get published?

Dec 13, 2018

Yeah. I read this book. The trilogy was definitely good for a summer read, but I have some problems with it, as a whole.

First off, this series is very clearly a fanfic. There is nothing wrong with writing and reading fanfiction (as a prolific reader & writer of fanfiction myself), but when it is so blatantly a ripoff of someone else's work, you would think the editor or agent would have tried to help James be a little more subtle.

Second, James clearly has a very negative and very incorrect view of BDSM, and of that specific community. If you are reading this for ideas to spice up life in the bedroom, please don't. There are better, more accurate, more caring sources out there then this series. Christian is a terribly messed up human, and how he treats Ana isn't really inline with how the community believes in treating each other. (I have really read a lot, because I couldn't believe that Christian was a good example of BDSM. Lo and behold, he's not.)

Thirdly, why did James' editor hate her? There were so many spelling and grammatical mistakes in the PUBLISHED books that I cried. I CRIED. Not because I was sad about anything in the book, but because my English degree and English teacher's SOUL was dying. I don't know if this was just in the versions published in the UK (that's where I bought II and III because I was living there at the time), but I couldn't not cringe.

Fourth in my rant: This whole "Mrs. Robinson" stuff is ridiculous as well. Actions from the past do not provide an excuse for actions in the present. All they do is provide motivation, but that does not excuse your behavior. An adult from your past was not-so-great - that does not mean that you, when you grow up, have to be not-so-great, too.

Please.... I get the appeal of reading this, and I don't blame a soul for enjoying it. Just please read with the knowledge that so much of the stuff in the books are incorrect and terrible representation of a lifestyle.

IndyPL_JillL Dec 05, 2018

Ugh. That is really the best I can do.

Oct 23, 2018

Try as I might, I couldn't get past the first few pages of this book. However, I DID read the book, FIFTY SHADES OF BRAINS, by B.F. Dealeo, a liteary spoof of the Fifty Shades book. I enjoyed it so much.

black_cat_1876 Aug 13, 2018

I have a number of things to say about this book.

First of all, it's horribly written. Rumor has it, it originated from fanfiction so I guess that's to be expected. All the "sex" scenes are written like a nun wrote them. There's no flair, and no taste. The whole series depicts the concept of "fixing" someone with mental health problems, which is an issue in its own.

As someone with a similar background to Grey, I feel very personally offended by the fact that she "fixed" him in the later books.

Grey is stalkerish, and heavily abusive towards Steele, and I hate the way the author depicts this as "BDSM"
As someone who enjoys the BDSM lifestyle, this is NOT real BDSM. This is abuse, manipulation, stalking, and invasion of privacy. Genuinely one of the most offensive books I've ever read, and I genuinely hope the author loses all sort of revenue from this book in a series of bad investments. She did no research on how any sort of BDSM scene is supposed to be played out.

For those of you who think the raunchy sex scenes redeem it, they don't. Period.
They barely last a few paragraphs, are very repetitive, have no time skips (implying they're both ridiculously quick in bed) and in general are extremely vanilla for a book about "BDSM"

This piece of absolute offensive garbage should never have been made into a book, let alone a movie franchise.

For everyone just starting to get into BDSM because of this book like I was a few years ago, please PLEASE do more research before doing ANYTHING related to BDSM. This is a very very horrible way to learn about the lifestyle that could cause long-term issues with your sex life.

Jun 13, 2018

This book gave me the opportunity to recognise that I apparently have literary standards. It was so badly written I couldn't read past about chapter three. I didn't bother flicking to the raunchy parts because I realised I would have just ended up reading about really badly written sex. If you still haven't managed to read it yet, I would recommend you don't bother. You really aren't missing out.

May 29, 2018

I could not finish this book. The writing is poor and the subject matter is disturbing to say the very least. The best description would be like the old Harlequin Romances but add domestic violence. The fact that it's written by a woman and women are buying it... well what more can be said. Womens liberation put back 50 years. That an independent woman is used and abused is disgusting. In this period of ME TOO movement, they should be ashamed.

Dec 01, 2017

A nice light read, something for a rainy day. I finished the trilogy quite quickly and find that I have no regrets in doing so. It is written well, but is an adult book so be warned. These characters are fictional, and so they embody a somewhat unhealthy relationship. This is not a how to book on BDSM. So please read it with a grain of salt. The main character is quite spunky, and i like how the two work to find a middle ground. Very enjoyable for a light read!

Oct 23, 2017

What if you were so attracted to someone that you can't even stay away from him?

Check out my review of "Fifty Shades of Grey" on my blog at:

Sep 20, 2017

Very little plot going on here. If you took out the lame and redundant bow-chicka-wow-wow this book could be written on a post it note. Got so tired of Anastasia "biting her lip" and listening to her "inner goddess" ....yayaya....anyways....

Jun 22, 2017

This is such a chick-book, that only a woman could stand to read it; it is so boring, so sophomoric, so uninspiring that only someone like Nancy Pelosi--someone without a functioning brain--could enjoy it. As Nicholson so pointedly noted, "I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability."
A lot of women must like this tripe--it garnered two million the year it was published--proving Nicholson correct.

Jun 13, 2017

Sorry, but this book is booooring. If I wanted to read a book on this topic I am 100% sure I could find something with better writing. NY Times bestseller? WTF people? I could not even finish this book and I did attempt to force myself to complete it because everyone was so all about it. I decided to quit wasting my time. Save yourself from this thing. The writing is godawful. The characters are pathetic and the story is predictable.

Apr 12, 2017

This book has many issues. Aside from the romanticizing of domestic violence, the writing and development is poor. It originated as a Twilight fanfiction and probably should have stayed that way, truthfully.

Oct 10, 2016

This book is so poorly written, I couldn't get through the 2nd chapter. Not much to it but kinky sex. Teenagers reading this... do they really need to lose their innocence to the perversions of this trashy novel?

Aug 29, 2016

The book is not nearly as salacious as the media led one to believe. Nonetheless, it is adult reading. The author introduces the bondage/submission type of sexual relationship through the eyes of a young woman, who is romantically approached by a handsome (and exceedingly rich) man who is into this kind of kinky sex. At the end we, the readers, agree with the woman that those who practice this kind of sex have undoubtedly had an abusive or troubled childhood. A good read, and I still hope to read the second and third of this series.

May 30, 2016

(Grey bk 1) Christian Grey, billionaire, & Anastasia Steel, graduate, explore kinky sex and Ana gets a job with Jack Hyde; volitile3gvbds3M

Mar 17, 2016

It's a book that brings out excitement and anticipation from me; but in the end, maybe this type of romantic fiction is not what I'm looking for.

Mar 03, 2016

There is just something about this book that didn't work for me at all.

No, it was not the subject matter but I do know that the characters bothered me, A LOT. There wasn't really anything likeable about the characters, especially Anastasia or Christian.

The only good thing that came from reading this book was that it open up a huge search world for me to look for other books on this subject matter that(in my opinion) are written better than this book was.

CMLibrary_gjd_0 Mar 02, 2016

One of the worst books EVER written. I have NO IDEA why this is a best seller. If you're looking for erotica, try Zane, she's a much better writer! Or Sylvia Day or even the Anne Rice Beauty books (if you're really into feet) in other words, any other writer is going to provide you with a better story.

Feb 08, 2016

First off....I lost five followers due to the last few reviews I posted....Second off...Lets see how many more I can lose after this review :)

Ok, so my question is how can anyone in the good conscience read something as awful and perverted as this? This is not even consensual sex, this is rape! How the hell is that romantic? How is this so popular? How can anyone call this "erotic literature"? How do women read this and actually ENJOY it? The author has the writing ability of a 5th grader. For real, my dog could have written better than this. Ironically, the sex in here is the most consensual part of the story despite it being rape, abuse, BDSM/S&M games...

....How can people read this...Something is seriously wrong with our country if this is what is appealing to millions of readers. And just for the record, I didnt get past the first 30 pages.

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