If You Could Be Mine

If You Could Be Mine

Book - 2013
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Aug 26, 2017

This book sheds light on an often under reported and not talked about issue and that is the use of sex reassignment surgery and cross hormone therapy in Iran to "cure" gay and lesbians. I admire the courage of all LGBTQ people in Iran who despite the oppressive misogynist laws still manage to make a life for themselves.

rberardinelli Sep 06, 2016

I wanted to love this book, but the protagonist was irritating. I didn't understand why she was so in love with her friend, who wasn't very nice or warm or receptive.

Aug 10, 2016

I liked this book, but wasn't crazy about it. It takes you through the motions of a teenager in love for the first time, everything you'd be willing to do to be with that person, (and more to the point being a lesbian in a country where it is literally a death sentence), being forced to let go, and at the same time deals with some strong political views about women in a country that is very patriarchal. The writing style is simple, much like a teenager, so it fits. But when you look beyond that it hides some very deep issues. My only problem is, even though at the end I felt bad for Nasrin, I still couldn't make myself like her, and hope that Sahar would definitely move on.

Jul 08, 2016

Very simplistic and explaining style of writing. Not my style of book but happy to see another varied story in the community.

Mar 29, 2016

I loved this book. One of the best lesbian teen love stories. Not too cliche, but just cliche enough to be sweet and sappy, but it still has an amazing edge that I loved. <3

Jan 05, 2016

This book was extremely realistic, and it made me cry a bit. The ending was perfect, I couldn't think of anything better suited for Sahar.

Nov 05, 2015

this was a really good book. It tells the story of two girls from Iran who are in love. In Iran being gay is a crime. The book is told from Sahar's point of view. When her best friend and secret girlfriend Nasrin is engaged to be married. Sahar is ready to do anything. even has sex reassignment surgery to become a man. this book was a good read. At time I could not see why Sahar was so into Nasrin . Nasrin seemed rather self centered to me.

Nov 01, 2015

Arrgh. So gorgeous, so sad. IYCBM invited me into a world about which I knew very, very little that was so fascinating. I had no idea what Iran was like, and though I could guess a vague shadow of their treatment of various lgbtqqiia+ ppl, the trans community surprised me in how that was seen as more acceptable to the culture. And then there were the tears. Beautifully written, engaging, and heart-wrenching.

k_t Dec 11, 2013

A heartwrenching look at girls in love in Iran. While I didn't always get why Sahar was in love with Nasrin (who didn't really seem to appreciate her or treat her well), I felt for her struggle to find a place to belong and be herself. An interesting look at life in Iran for GLBTQ youth. Recommended.

Dec 01, 2013

A phenomenal book! I loved the ending and the plot development. The characters were so good. I have never read a book like this, so it was very intriguing. I would definitely recommend it!

Nov 10, 2013

I didn't expect to like this book. When I picked it up, it seemed short, and I assumed was going to be written with shock value being the main component of it.

It turned out to be incredibly sad, but really well done. Where I assumed she was going to write the stereotypical ending to the protagonists issues, Farizan surprised me by telling real, human responses to the worst kind of situations.

Very good first novel.

Sunflower19 Jul 13, 2013

Note: I received an ARC copy at the BEA.
I enjoyed reading the book. I felt something for a couple of the characters. No matter what your sexual preference is I think this novel can hit home on a couple of levels with any reader!
Definitely eye opening.

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