Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia

DVD - 2008
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Do yourself a favor and view on as big a screen as available. It's a big movie with big scenery and big characters. Peter O'Toole and Omar Sharif are fabulous.

Mar 14, 2021

The film is good not just for its historical portrayals but the cinematography is stunning!

if you can watch this in high-def from a good source like blu-ray the visuals are absolutely sumptuous! The opening scenes are beautiful and captivating the way they are shot. You could pause the movie and just appreciate the art of every frame, in every scene. The attention to detail put into the production of this movie, started in 1959 and finished over 2 years later, is comparable, even superior to, many more modern films. There are no big special effects here; they made the scenes and they shot them on 65mm film. Very advanced for the time.

Restoration was also very well done, re-creating the original feel of the movie as much as possible, including the orchestral lead-in and intermission so it matches the original cut.

I had to watch this movie twice, it was so good. And geeked out on all the material included in the extras disk as well. This movie won a pile of awards for good reason. If you look thru the extras disk and see how difficult it was for the crew to create this piece of art, on location, it adds an extra dimension of appreciation. Even the sound track has been restored to excellent multi-channel format.

This is not a movie that's going to satisfy a shoot-em-up action fan unless they also like "beautifully shot" scenes done almost entirely in-camera.
This is 'big-screen' viewing entertainment!

Please handle the disks with care.
Even a tiny scratch that causes a skip or jump in playback will be disappointing.

Feb 02, 2020

This movie is one of Bob Proctor's favorites. I want to watch movies recommended by such successful people as Bob.

Aug 10, 2019

It is a slow moving film but the history is important. Lawrence was in trouble with his fellow Brits for "going native" and not getting with the true British conquering spirit. In the end he was over ruled in almost all ways and people in government who didn't have a clue made the final decisions about partition.

Apr 16, 2019

Was fortunate to see this on the big screen during a re-release several years ago. A true epic. Well worth the accolades.

I saw a version of this on TV with all the boring political talking cut out. It was just camel riding and shooting. From the comments here, I think many people would enjoy it that way.

Sep 14, 2018

The Lawrence character just cracks me up.

Jul 08, 2018

Watched it with my 10 & 16yr old.
Bit too long and slow for my youngest but my eldest and I enjoyed the scenes and costumes.

LoganLib_RobertWB Feb 08, 2018

As close to perfection as a movie can get.

Aug 13, 2017

I cannot count the number of times I've seen this film since it was made. Every time I come away with some new bit of information and realize the relevance to the area of land so in dispute over the past 100 years. 'The warring tribes' has no greater truth. I do not believe there will ever be peace there. The sooner America divests itself of any dependence, the better. However, we never learn.

This film has all the great actors of another lifetime, bigger than life.

Aug 11, 2017

Lean and photographer Fred A. Young have combined their artistic talents in an evocation of the Arabian desert that makes it both terrifying and deeply moving in its lonely grandeur.

Oct 06, 2016

A fun movie which might, hopefully, spark enough interest in watchers to cause them to read a few books about Lawrence and his exploits/times.

We can thank Lawrence in large part for a sizeable piece of how the Middle East is ruled today and by whom.

Sep 25, 2016

Iy was O.K. For the most part it was VERY SLOW.

Jul 09, 2015

When I first saw it years ago, I thought it was BORING. After having read "Lawrence in Arabia" by Scott Anderson, I thought I should see it again. With a better historical context the movie was still BORING.

NewYorkViews Mar 22, 2015

Great cinematography, especially for it being a dated film, the cinematography is often better than the films made in today's world. Supposedly, the book was much better, but I did not read that. I would have preferred a movie like this about camels and camel traders. Lawrence of Arabia is more of a fictionalized account of military action in the region. Great acting, scenery, script and overall filmmaking. I love the sand scenes.

aaa5756 Aug 31, 2014

Very well done movie. A pleasure to watch. I would recommend this movie for all to see. No fast forwarding on this one. No falling asleep on this DVD!!!!!

Aug 24, 2014

A highly, highly overrated movie.

Aug 10, 2014

When I first saw "Lawrence of Arabia" at a movie theater like Seattle's Cinerama with a wide screen and stereo sound, I was knocked out by it. The desert seemed to go on to infinity. Director David Lean made a masterpiece the likes of which we will probably never see again. Highest recommendation and of course, FIVE BIG STARS!
P.S. The cinematography in the movie was done by Freddie Young, who is famous for his skill in shooting a movie. This is thought to be his finest work. He with Guy Green and Jack Cardiff founded the Cinematography Society of Britain. Many of Britain's finest films were either Directed or Photographed by these three men.

May 21, 2014

"Lawrence of Arabia" is a Five Plus Star Movie for me. It is sweeping in scoop and has wonderful locations shot of the Middle East. We must remember that this film was for wide screen theaters. The small screen keeps us from feeling the magnitude of the scenes of the screen. If you haven't seen "Lawrence of Arabia" please take a copy home. If you then agree with my Five Start Plus review, please add your comments to this sight.

May 03, 2014

Hands down this is my favorite classic film of all time, and the movie that benchmarked Peter O Toole as a major name in motion pictures. Absolutely magnificent in scope, Lawrence has among it's many accolades, the finest screen cinematography to be displayed in film. The story is told as only an established director such as David Lean could tell it. My favorite moment, is where Lawrence and his soldiers of the cause blow up the train. I had the opportunity to rewatch this in theatres a couple years ago and it was like seeing this film for the first time. I was amazed all over again. The small screen doesnt do this film justice, and viewing it on a large screen adds to the awe and grandeur. My hope is that if you are a serious film buff, this is a movie you do see when you get a chance. Incredible film.

Feb 04, 2014

Only Doctor Zhivago is a better movie. The contrast in characters between Omar Sharif and Peter O'Toole is played incredibly well. How star actors nowadays would even ride a camel much less at a lope! Truly a MUST movie to see--and hear. I have watched both movies at least half dozen times each since first made--and will keep doing so!

Jun 19, 2013

This is #14 from my research into the top classic English language films. It is epic in scope with Peter O'Toole commanding almost every scene. It is the top war film, followed by Schindler's List at #21. See my GerryD Lists for more classic films.

May 02, 2013

there is another copy of this movie without 100 ppl in line

Nov 30, 2011

Great script, although not accurate to history. Excellent music score! Tremendous acting by all! Try to view at least once a year.

Jun 30, 2011

I love Lawrence of Arabia. The movie is dramatic, fascinating, and full of adventure, action and a pair of very revealing blue eyes. A must watch! Plus, young Peter O'Toole is such a hottie!

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